Education Network in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

The network in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (CMMP) will provide education for graduate students working in condensed matter physics, materials science, nanophysics and related fields. Research topics in this diverse area range from innovative studies of the basic properties of condensed-matter systems to the nanofabrication and study of advanced electronic, nanomechanical, optoelectronic and spintronic devices. Across Finland, this brings together a synergistic mix of experimentalists, theorists, simulation specialists, software developers and technology-oriented researchers. The area is also a particular strength of Aalto School of Science and the CMMP network builds on one of the largest original National Graduate Schools, the school in materials physics led by Prof. Risto Nieminen. The CMMP network includes several of the leading original member groups, but also introduces new outstanding groups that have emerged in recent years (see Background).

The goal of the CMMP network is to enable students to work at the frontiers of science and technology by providing expert training not easily available within the traditional system of graduate education and research apprenticeship. We also aim at creating a rather focused network, including topics and groups that have a clear history of collaboration. The scientific topics are also solidly connected to the experimental research done in the nano-oriented facilities at Aalto, especially in the large-infrastructure facilities such as the Cryohall, Micronova, and the Nanomicroscopy Center.


Director: Prof. Adam S. Foster, Department of Applied Physics
Coordinator: Dr. Sorin Paraoanu, OV Lounasmaa Laboratory
Coordinator: Dr. Sayani Majumdar, Department of Applied Physics


In order to apply for support from the network in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics you have to submit an application. Please use our application form.